As a company that provides private duty nursing (PDN) for high acuity medically fragile children, Pediatric Home Healthcare understands that each child has very special needs regarding their care. Having someone who is initially a “stranger” in your home is often difficult for families who are unaccustomed to home health nursing. As families begin to open up and learn to trust, they often find that their nurses become a part of their family.

Emmett and Owen Ezell were born conjoined from the bottom of their breastbone to their hipbone. They also shared a liver and intestines. When they were just 6 weeks old, doctors were able to separate them during a marathon-long 9-hour surgery. After nine months in the hospital, they experienced fresh air and sunlight for the first time! They then went to a rehabilitation center before finally heading home, for good.

Pediatric Home Healthcare has had the privilege to be with the Ezell family for years. The Ezells researched for a long time before choosing an agency.  They wanted a company that clearly made the patient and family a top priority. Dave, Emmett and Owen’s dad, believes that “Our family would be at a standstill without the nurses from Pediatric Home Healthcare.  Having two special needs children in one family increases our struggles exponentially.  Were it not for the help of the well-trained nurses that work with our boys, I can say without a hint of hyperbole, we wouldn’t be able to get through a day.”

The twins came home with a tracheostomy after 9 months in the hospital. Regarding working with PHH, Dave said, “I think they understand the struggle of managing a family with special needs children who need PDN and they try to make the process as headache-free as possible.” As they grew, they relied less and less on equipment to breathe and are both currently trach-free. They have begun talking, as well! Mom, Jenny, is a speech therapist and admits that it is difficult to separate being a mom from being a therapist. However, knowing where it all started, she is able to put it all into perspective. The twins are now over 3.5 years old. They are running, jumping, falling, driving their toy cars, learning to talk, and rough-housing like most boys their age.

When asked about what sets their nurses apart, Dave responded, “By sending the boys cards and presents at holidays and birthdays, they demonstrate their real affection for the boys.  By making themselves easily available for contact anytime of the day or night, they demonstrate their commitment to the care of their patients, and patient’s families.  When we had struggles with the school district who didn’t want to allow the boys’ nurses to attend school with them, PHH advocated for us with the district. The list goes on and on.”

The Ezells know that the hardest days are behind them. Their boys continue to grow strong. Dave said, “At every new hurdle, we’ve been able to rest easy knowing that we’d be able to rely on the commitment and experience of PHH.” One of the best days as a nursing company comes when patients no longer need them. PHH looks forward to having a graduation ceremony with Emmett and Owen soon!